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Analysis of the TOP20 Fashion Shops IN Germany

Same-Day-Delivery, Algorithmic Commerce, Direct-To-Consumer, Social Commerce, One-Click Checkout – the list of buzzwords in digital commerce grows longer each year. But especially since the global pandemic, where a lot of retail shifted to the digital space, many weaknesses of online retailers regarding their customer experiences were exposed. This is why we created the e-commerce experience report, to assess the quality of customer experience in the German e-com landscape.

Content of the report

  • Analysis of the TOP20 fashion shops in Germany
  • On Page Experience
  • Order Experience
  • Service & Loyalty
  • Sustainability
  • Technology & Innovation

The aim of our report: each issue is dedicated to one particular industry. We don't just want to point out weaknesses, however: instead, we want to objectively quantify how well the overall customer experience is for the 20 largest retailers in that industry.


Analysis of the German fashion industry